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Increase collections.

Decrease frustrations.

Collexin is a digital platform that eliminates the headaches and costly process of traditional debt collection. Using technology, Collexin delivers a streamlined, personalized experience, that drives customers to take control, and collectors to drive up returns.

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For collectors, digital collecting opens the flood gates

No more call centers and blocked cold calls, letters that are never read, and collectors that collect nothing but dust. With Collexin, it’s easy to increase your bottom line.

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Here’s how Collexin is increasing collections:

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Digital scaling is cost effective, flexible, and can seamlessly and quickly scale to the size of any collection operation.

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Eliminate costly, human regulatory errors, track all communications, and audit-proof your processes.

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Build customer trust and confidence which empowers an immediate response and produces faster recoveries.

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Machine Learning

Increase customer engagement, sustain 24•7•365 collection power, unify processes into one simple platform, automatically adjusts to clients’ level of interaction, and optimizes and applies successful strategies.

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Free up call center agents for more complex tasks, reduce time spent on manual labor and handle larger volumes of campaigns in much less time.

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Now, collectors and customers can all be on good terms

The Collexin platform not only helps collectors improve financial gains. Together it combines the experience of collection experts, the laser focus of technology, and the heart of human connection, to eliminate the headaches that collectors so commonly endure.

Here’s how Collexin is decreasing frustrations:

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Ease of Operations

Automated operations eliminate the stress of staffing and managing a full-service collection agency.

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Dignified Process

Not only are we now a digital-first society, digital communication tools offer a comfortable way for people who owe money to resolve their debts without feeling embarrassed or shamed.

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Increase Response Rates

Collexin uses a digital omni-channel approach to communication that providides multiple digital channels for convneient communication: Email, text, DM, social media and more. Response rates go up when clients choose how they want to interact with collectors.

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Optimized For Regulation F

An Industry approved set of rules allowing the use of modern communications to reach more debt owing consumers, in a customer-friendly, safe, and compliant way.

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On-Time Payments

Technology is driving a seachange in customer behavior, by helping keep people organized, and commited to controling their finances and resolving debt.

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Tailor-Made Messaging

Today, customers demand personalization. Collexin offers customized messaging for every consumer in language that encourages resolution, and a self-serve, personal experience that builds and retain relationships.

Advanced digital technology is shifting the landscape of traditional debt recovery

By addressing the continuing challenges of collection agencies, Collexin is working to solve common recovery problems, and leave antiquated recover strategy in the past.

The Problem

Holding On To Old Ways

Many collectors focus on optimizing outdated communication channels such as phone calls and snail mail.


Agency Costs Tie You Down

Agency staff wages continue to account for the largest share of industry revenue.


Not A Clue

When calls aren’t answered and mail is tossed in the trash, it’s nearly impossible to track data, gain insights, or make even a simple a connection.


Eggs In One Basket

Many ML solutions limit themselves by targeting accounts with a higher chance of collection instead of reaching out to all customers.


A Reputation To Uphold

Collectors reputations are built on the arduous ability to collect income from delinquent consumers, while remaining in regulatory compliance.


The Solution

Digital Omni-channel Is In Demand

Collexin takes an omni-channel approach that costs less and is delivered instantly: email, text, social media DM, and voicemail drop.

Machine Learning Ups The Gameeee

• Collections efforts run 24/7/365
• More accounts are serviced by less employees
•Strategy and communication are automated

Deepen Your Insight

Track the entire life-cycle of digital communications. Was the email delivered? Was it opened? How many times? Deleted? Click through? Digital tools use data to predict collection trends, analyze behaviors, customize strategy, and track end-to-end communication.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Leveraging technologies, such as ML, automations, and digital communications, is key for easy scaling, competing in today’s market and targeting every single account that enters your system.

Be 100% Compliant

Collectors go through long, rigorous, training in state and federal laws, negotiation, skip tracing, etc. Collection rates drop as the clock ticks, so fast action to late payments, while avoiding regulatory fines and compliance road blocks, is important for collecting income on delinquent accounts.

One simple, approachable, and unified platform

Contact Collexin today to see how we help increase collections and decrease frustrations.

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